We were born to live out our purpose allow me to help you find yours

Hello Queens

I'm Jasmine and I am a life coach. I specialize in helping millennial women gain the tools they need to lead a healthy life which creates more confidence within and encourages them to master the vision for their life.

As a woman, especially a millennial it is common to feel void within as though you lack purpose. It is easy to become unbalanced as it relates to your health. Many focus on one dimension of their health, but I aim to focus on all dimensions.I believe there are three dimensions to your health, your mind, body and soul. These three dimensions make up your whole body which reflects who you are.If one dimension of your health is unbalanced it affects the others. 

I help women create healthy habits which feeds each dimension of their health. When we fuel each dimension of our health we are full and become balanced. As we maintain these healthy habits and routines we produce a stronger healthier self.When we are strong and healthy it makes us feel good within, giving us the courage to do more. This foundation is essential when we are creating a clearer vision for our lives. 

We are all placed on Earth for a reason. It is important to tap into your purpose to have a sense of meaning in your life which fills the void within.Purpose helps give us perspective on the things that are most meaningful in our lives.Vision gives us the direction in which we want to go.Allow me to support you along your journey so you can begin living your best life.


What I Can Offer You


I will support you in adapting healthier habits, rewiring positive thought patterns, coping skills and discovering your purpose in life.


I will support you in virtual training sessions. Also, I'll create an online community that is full of support, useful knowledge and tools for you to adapt to your daily life.

Business Coaching

I will support as you embark on your journey of entrenpreurship.I will help you with all the tools you'll need to jumpstart your business and cheer you on to help motivate you to blossom in it.

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