Similar to a gym membership to improve your body, This is a membership to develop yourself INSIDE and out!

At times we spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to perfect our outer appearance and neglect to invest within. Our inner components (dimensions)  such as our mind and spirit make us who we are and directly affect our bodies. So, why not work to perfect ALL three dimensions of your health to produce the best version of yourselves. All you have to do is commit to doing the work to enhance YOU! 

Please understand this will stretch you and be hard at times but life in general can be hard. Choose which “hard” circumstance is for you. If you were to ask me I chose and steadily choosing my “hard,” to be growing and working to be the best version of me. Release the gem within you and let go of mediocracy.



We’ve all had times in our life where we felt our current circumstances were permanent or life itself was over. Sometimes things in life are out of our control, we cannot predict or fix certain things that may occur. We CAN  shift our minds to adapt positive thinking and cope through the situation. Understand that with each trial or tribulation that occurs it gives us a chance to learn and grow which allows us to gain perspective. 

It is important to wire your mind to be positive and have goals for yourself. It is equally important to build mental stamina to cope with some of life’s most challenging moments. There are tools we can adapt to help us heal, cope and grow better. Knowledge is POWER! When you know better you do better. Once you do the work to enhance every dimension of yourself, your mind, body and soul, you’ll be better. Once we are strengthened, rewired and empowered we have the confidence to embark our next journey. 

Finding your purpose in life is so important. We are all placed on this Earth for a reason. When we do not know our purpose and endure certain pains produced by life we feel lost and a deep void within. Once you find your purpose in life your perspective realigns to make more sense of the cycles of life. Many people struggle to find that “perfect” career to fulfill them and make money. Why not use your purpose to fuel your passion and make money?

These are just some of the things I will tap into with this monthly membership. I will go into further depth to help you gain knowledge and resources to be the best version of you.

Just Flourish Coaching Overview

Identify,Assess, Reflect, Plan of Action, Execute

If you are interested in this course you have identified that you may be in need of support in one of these areas. If so, I applaud you! Self growth is not easy but I am here to support you EVERY step of the way! You’ll need to assess your current condition and reflect on the events that led you to this point in life. Once you have completed the initial work you can create a plan of action and execute it. I will support you in completing each step.

Strengthening your mind, body and soul

It is beneficial to strengthened your body to maximum your health. Write down some short and long term goals for your body and let’s work to achieve them.


Your spirituality is directly connected to your purpose in life. Some people cannot fathom why they endure certain things, suffer in general or question their existence as a whole. We will explore fulfilling avenues to enhance your spiritually. I will share my spiritual journey and expound why it benefits me the most.

Improving Spirituality


Create an abundance of confidence

When you are confident you are UNSTOPPABLE. There is nothing you CANNOT handle in life. When you have great confidence you will win, it’s inevitable. 

Make a vision for your life

Proverbs 29:18| “Without Vision, People Perish”

We must have a roadmap for our lives. Create a map to where we are traveling. Once we enhance ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually we will become healthier. When we are healthier we produce healthier actions. We also have more confidence. With all those components combined we can create a sound plan of action for our lives. 

You could not control how your life started but you can control how it’s continues.

Understand you are worthy of more in life. You can land that dream job, jumpstart that business you’ve been putting off or simply find your purpose and use it to help others.

Self-sabotaging will soon become a thing of the past. Allow yourself to be fully committed and vulnerable to maximizing your full potential in life

Leave the Self Sabotaging Patterns behind and walk into a future of health, wealth and purpose

Each month there will be topic of focus accompanied by a challenge to apply it to our lives​
You'll receive weekly course material which would align with our monthly topic
You'll receive worksheets to accompany the topic of focus
You'll receive weekly coaching material
You'll get live group coaching calls, which would be once a week (all calls will be recorded so you can replay anytime)


You’ll will learn to enhance every area in your life. You will expect more from yourself and others. You’ll learn practical applications and extensive knowledge on how to improve your health, thought patterns, confidence and finances. Our self worth reflects in how we act, look, feel and shows up daily in our decision making. 

The benefits of having a life coach is having someone there with you to guide and cheer you on EVERY step of the way! 

Leave the mediocracy behind and run into a life of freedom and abundance of joy.

Anyone can join. While my targeted audience is geared towards millennial women anyone is welcome to join to enhance themselves on their own journey.

If you are willing to do the work and be vulnerable during this process this is FOR you. If you would like to enhance yourself this is FOR you. If you will like to find or redefine your purpose in life to fuel your passion and possibly make money from it this is FOR you.

There will be a new topic of focus each month. We are steadily evolving as human beings so the topics are endless.

We will start with the key topics of health, mentally, physically, and spiritually and branch off into subtopics relating to each key topic. We will also discuss commonalities relating to these topics.

  • Self-Love
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Processing 
  • Communication
  • Confidence 
  • Identifying Toxic Behaviors Within & In Others
  • Adapting Healthy Actions & Relationships
  • Maintaining Good Health|Mentally, Physically and Spiritually 
  • Fulfilling The Void Within
  • Body Image
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Crushing Your Goals
  • Redefining Self
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Being a Survivor vs a victim
  • Breaking Family Curses
  • Creating Positive Family Traditions/Habits
  • Purpose

Just Flourish is on a private learning platform that you’ll gain access to as a member.

The material related to this membership will provided via email, courses, worksheets, conference calls, coaching calls, written forums and at times live calls.

Yes! I am so confident in the content related to this course that I know it will be beneficial to you. if there is a scenario where you’d need to cancel you won’t be charged again.

Simply email me at I will respond within 24-48 hours. I am so happy to travel along this journey with you!

Her passion to help others is inevitable. She is truly using her spiritual gifts to impact others in a great way!
Atlanta, GA

Just Flourish Membership

Let's Flourish together mentally, physically and spiritually to create the best version of life!
$ 49 Monthly
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Just Flourish Membership

Let's Flourish together mentally, physically and spiritually to create the best version of life!
$ 490 Annual
  • *Amazing Deal ($49/Month and Two Months Free)