While some people despise routines they are essential to our success. It helps us maximum our time, develop good habits and focus on our goals. When creating a routine be sure to include the things that are essential, some of the things you’d like to accomplish and some simple pleasures. For those who have families it may be challenging to align your daily goals with your spouses or kid’ s schedule. I completely understand. My husband and I use google calendars and merge our calendars together. We use this tool along with detailed communication to make sure we can accomplish our daily  individual goals as well as our goals as a family. 

For example: My goals are to spend more time with God, my family, prioritize me time, stimulate my mind by reading a new audible book, lose weight and work on my business. Be mindful I am a wife and mother so some things are non-negotiable. See my sample list below.

  • Wake up
  • Coffee/Breakfast
  • Mediation & Prayer
  • Workout
  • Feed Infant/Pump
  • Log on for work
  • Mid-day walk with kids 
  • Listen to audible book (during lunch time while kids are napping)
  • Log off for work
  • Kids Learning Time
  • Clean/Cook
  • Family Dinner
  • 20 min game time 
  • Bath & Storytime with kids
  • Evening walk (by myself) or Bath time & wine
  • Business time (30mins to a hour)
  • Cuddle & Quality time w/hubby

Now your turn: Start with a list, make sure your list is between 10-15 items. You don’t want to wear yourself out all in one day. It is also important to spare some energy for the “unexpected,” this is very common for those who have children. Write down everything you need to accomplish for the day.Structure your day. It is best to wake up as early as possible. Early birds are usually most effective. 

Mornings: are best for prepping you for day. Ex. walking your dog, unloading the dishwasher, washing a load of clothes, morning workout, prayer, putting dinner in crockpot, brainstorming, completing the most challenging work tasks, etc. 

Midday: Answering emails, setting appointments, running errands, break time, recharging with a quick walk or lunch. If you’re at home which most people are since we are still in quarantine its best to complete your routine cleaning or prepping for the last part of your day. 

Evenings: Are best for planning and prepping for the next day. Completing the things you didn’t get to complete earlier in the day. Ex. setting out clothes, prepping meals, family time, “me” time, settling down kids for bedtime, etc. 

Your daily schedule is just a simple guide to help you be more productive of course you can alter it. I like to set weekly goals for myself, my children and all of us as a family. If you are not intentional with your time and energy life will past you by. Its essential to be intentional and know you are worthy and deserving of living your best life.