It’s important to prioritize your physical health through exercise and a balanced diet. I noticed when I began my fitness journey two years ago it transformed my life completely. I suffered from deep depression due to not loving myself including my reflection. There was a time I couldn’t even look at my reflection in the mirror. This occurred around the time I had my oldest child which I suffered from postpartum depression. I decided to change my outlook of my life by becoming healthier inside and out.It felt like I was experiencing an internal within myself. The range of emotions wore me out mentally turning me into a walking zombie, not making conscious decisions in a lot of areas. My physical health took a huge toll at that time.I ate so poorly, mostly to cope with stress and the lack of love for myself.As a new mom at the time I struggled between wanting better for myself so I could be the best for my child. One day something just clicked within. I finally told myself it’s hard being unhappy, unhealthy and overweight and its equally hard to do the self work within to change it. I had to choose which hard I was willing to deal with. I choose doing the self -work. I figured that would be the best option since there would be a reward at the end.

I made the right decision. I began to workout three days a week. I started meal prepping my meals to hold myself accountable to eat healthier. My motivation was to create a healthier outlook for myself and be the best version of myself for my family. Shortly after I made this decision I became engaged. This life changing event motivated me even more because I had a certain image in my head of how I wanted to look and feel in my wedding dress. It’s funny because looking back, all the trials and tribulations I endured up until this point in my life produced the person I am today. It seems like everything was in God’s divine order. 

I lost 50 pounds before my wedding. I felt so good within and without. My physical transformation was so motivating. I didn’t realize my strength within especially to make such a great transformation in a short amount of time. My enhanced physical health lead to my mental & spiritual health. All three dimensions were aligned which helped me to push through the times I wanted to quick. If I wasn’t working to enhance each dimension within I think I wouldn’t have had the stamina to push myself so hard. 

To anyone reading this feeling defeated like you cannot win know that you can. If you have a certain goal for yourself you CAN reach it. Sometimes you have to just get up and start moving. When your mind says I cannot, rewire it to say I CAN! Even it you don’t initially believe it communicate healthy positive things to yourself. Be nice to yourself. Give yourself grace and take it a day at a time. We are all a work in progress.