Natural Remedies

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Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE natural remedies, especially when sick. Natural remedies are simply herbal medicine, plants that are used to treat and heal your body. I rarely take medicine unless I ABSOLUTELY need it. Since I’ve made that conscious decision it has strengthened my immune system tremendously. I’ve always wanted to be a holistic doctor due to my natural interest in medicine. Since that dream did not become a reality for me I decided to practice using a variety natural remedies for myself. 

In doing so I’ve also encouraged my family to adapt some of my natural remedy routines which has impacted their lives in a great way. When you hear about all corruption in the pharmautecial rim it makes you leary about consuming certain medications. I’ve witnessed the physical and mental toll certain medications had on some of my family members who were prescribed over 5-10 medications at a one time. The effects were dreadful. It even impacted the quality of some of those relationships, because some of the medications altered their mental state which caused them to act in disheartening ways.I viewed it as a prescribed self-medicating drug. Some people use recreational drugs or alcohol to self mediate to ease their pain, but the pain is still there once the drug wears off. This is why many become addicted to those self mediating drugs because they become addicted to numbing their pain. It’s simply a numbing agent. I view certain prescribed drugs in the same way because most of the things they were prescribed could be cured with the proper nutrition and excerise. 

When you know better I believe you do better. Now that fitness and nutrition is more normalized within the black community I believe its saving a lot of lives from the painful effects of certain medications.

 These experiences shaped my decision to let go of the need to be depend on unnecessary medications. I won’t even take Mortin or Tylenol for a headache. I searched for remedies for that too. Now whenever I have a headache I heat a wet rag in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes and allow it to cool for a few seconds and place it on my head. The heat almost instantly removes the tension from my head which caused the headache. I also use natural remedies for bladder infections which I seem to be prone to as well as sinuses, colds and sore throats. I’ve listed them all below. 

Cold or Fever
Sore Throat
  • Heat a wet rag for about 1-3 minutes and place it on head
  • Essential Oils: lemongrass, marjoram,frankincense
  • Recipe: Use 30 drops of each oil. If the scent is too strong use a carrier oil such a jojoba, coconut or olive oil
  • Hot Water w/ apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon (also works well for a common cold or sore throat)
  • Essential Oils:lavender, lemon, peppermint
  • Recipe: Use 10 drops of each. If the scent is too strong use a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil
  • Lemon, Honey, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper
  • Essential Oils: lemon, oregano and eucalyptus
  • Recipe: Use 10 drops of each oil. If the scent is too strong use a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil
  • Hot Water w/ honey, lemon and ginger (ground). 
  • Gargling with warm water and salt
  • Essential Oils: Onguard, peppermint, frankincense and lemon
  • Recipe: Add a tbsp of honey and add a drop of each oil