For those who would like to jumpstart their way to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition I’ve suggesed 3 phases. Some health experts suggest making a drastic change but I’d disagree. I suppose it depends on the person. In my experience I’ve obtained better long term results by easing into the change instead of shocking my body to meet a temporary goal. Set your initial goal which would determine which phase you’d need to incorporate first. 

        Phase 1

  • Drink a Gallon of water daily
  • Cut out late night eating
  • Stop overeating (practice portion control–use smaller plates)
  • Eat a protein & green vegetable with each meal
  • Take a daily vitamin
  • Complete a 30min workout (walking, jogging, HIIT, etc)
  • Get at least 6-8 hours of rest

       Phase 2

  • Continue to drink a gallon of water daily
  • Eliminate all sweets
  • Incorporate intermediate fasting 
  • Take a daily vitamin
  • Replace a meal with a protein shake
  • Complete a 40 min workout
  • Get at least 8 hours of rest

       Phase 3

  • Write down your fitness goals
  • Find a body image goal you’d like to aim for
  • Commit to at least 3-5 workouts per week
  • Continue to change eating
  • Eliminate all sweets, junk food and processed food (find healthy alternatives)
  • Find healthy foods you can eat repeatedly–Meal Prep
  • Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep

Give your self grace. Find a fitness group you could join for motivation. If you are in need of a online trainer please contact me and I will provide suggestions. Our journey’s in life are continuous. We will have some victories and losses and we will have good days and bad days. Remember who you are, where you come from and what you’ve overcome. Determine what you’d like to achieve, know your worth and love yourself through each step of the way. We have to remember to love the good and bad within us and strive at better. Each day wake up with a grateful heart. Each day presents a day of new opportunities, hopes and desires for you to achieve. Embrace it and keep your eye on the prize and you will win. Remember your fitness journey is a marathon not a race. We are striving to incorporate a healthy lifestyle which produces longevity and good health.