Our spiritual health is just as important as it contributes to your overall health. It’s like the glue between your physical and mental health. Spiritual health includes a purposeful life, being interconnected with all things within. Developing good spiritual health helps to alleviate inner suffering and pain and gain deeper meaning to our lives. During my time of suffering I gravitated to mediating, praying and seeking a deeper relationship with God. While I understand that everyone may not believe in God or a higher power I believe one of the great benefits of believing is understanding why you’re suffering. Our lives are so much bigger than us. We were placed on this Earth with a special purpose and assignment. During my time of loneliness and the times I felt a void the most within I didn’t understand my purpose. Once I experienced my own trials and tribulations like battling with depression, body image disturbance, lack of vision and anxiety it helped me to grow through my pain. It exposed how strong I really was within, and my journey encouraged others to do the work within themselves to really impact change to elevate yourself higher.